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Abstract (English):
The paper is dedicated to the operation investigation of the two-flow hydro-mechanical transmission of industrial tractor consisting of a hydro-transformer and a planetary gearbox in a basic flow of power ensuring rectilinear motion, and a hydro-volume gear in the second flow ensuring rotation speed difference of caterpillar tracks, and, accordingly a tractor turn. A turn in place of a track machine is ensured with the differential variable-ratio gear of turning on the basis of a hydro-volume gear. The investigation method – simulation. In the course of investigations there was created a simulator describing adequately a turn in place of a caterpillar with a differential turning gear based on a hydro-volume gear. The solution is carried out in the ALTAIR EMBED programming environment. There are made diagrams of the process of going into a turn in place and a steady-state turn in place. At that there was accepted an assumption that the resistance to rotation of the right and left driving wheels of a tractor is equal as it is impossible to suppose that under caterpillars there can be soil with properties different considerably as the rotation takes place in the same place. The analysis has shown that the left and right sides balance each other at the turn on homogeneous soil. The application of a braking device in a general link of the differential variable-ratio in the turning mechanism is optional. The results can be used for example for the further scientific work in the field of quantitative assessment of skidding during tractor rotation round a gravity center having a substantial influence upon controlled kinematic parameters of a tracked vehicle – an angular velocity of turning in place.

transmission, gear, planetary mechanisms, turning, hydro-volume gear

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