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The paper reports the results of the strengthening simulation process. A new kinematics of deforming rollers ensuring a surface plastic deformation of shafts of low rigidity was considered. On the basis of the theory of low elasto-plastic deforma-tions and a method of finite elements there were formed simulators of a strengthening process allowing the definition of a stressed state in a sample depending on the form and kinematics of an indenter. With the aid of ANSYSWB software there was considered the impact of some circuits of deformation upon a stressed state: running-in by rolling, running-in by slip, running-in by one and two rollers with the rotation with regard to a diametrical axis. On the basis of simulation results it was revealed that the basic factors affecting a stress-strain state of parts are geometry, a form, a mutual location of elements of a tool deformed and their kinematics with regard to a part worked.

finite-element modeling, deformation intensification, stressed state, plastic deformation, strengthening, indenter.
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