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Abstract (English):
The article is devoted to the use of infographics as one of the methods of visualizing information and the possibility of influencing the attention of the audience. The main objective of the study is to systematize the basic rules for compiling infographics and identify additional principles. Analyzed the experience and problems of using visualization by the media. outlines the basic concepts and definitions of the visual transmission of information. Reviewedadvantages and disadvantages of using infographics. Based on the analysis of the sphere of communicative design, various types of visual infographics are considered. The possibility of distorting the broadcast information to influence the perception of the audience is revealed. This article attempts to disclosebasic tools for creating understandable infographics. The main stages of creating infographics are considered. As a result of the study, additional principles were identified and described to create a clear visualization.

computer graphics, infographics, visualization, perception, clip thinking

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