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Abstract (English):
Due to Kyrgyzstan’s transition to the market relations, the situation of the country economy has worsened. As a result, financing the public sector has decreased several times and, in connection with this situation, financing didn’t any longer have the state social support. Therefore, since the 1990s, many professional educational institutions have been forced to look for new ways to improve their position. In addition, due to the fact that organizational leadership lacks knowledge in the field of management and marketing of the educational services, the situation of educational institutions has worsened even more. Some large institutions could afford to hire personnel having some experience in this area. Unfortunately, many educational institutions had to manage on their own without additional financial resources, and they considered various strategies for improving the organization situation. But, unfortunately, all these attempts to improve the position of educational institutions led to declining the quality of services; as a result the level of domestic consumer demand has also decreased. In recent years, many universities have been trying to fill the gap in the budget by attracting investments from citizens of neighbouring countries. Especially, this position is used by some universities from the southern region of Kyrgyzstan, attracting applicants through intermediaries from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan by a relatively low cost of education. Today, when providing educational services to foreign students, the institution leadership turns a blind eye to the emerging negative phenomena, which leads to a decrease in the prestige of not only the university and the education system, but also the rating of the country itself. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures at the government level, to regulate the situation in the service market of higher educational institutions. In connection with this provision, state education authorities need to study the market state of higher education institutions and determine by forecasting the prospects for possible development.

the state of the market of higher education institutions, declining the quality of educational services, market problems and negative phenomena, the positions of heads of educational institutions, forecasting the market of educational services by the extrapolation methods

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