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Abstract (English):
The article deals with a brief history in the faces of post-war engineering psychology and ergonomics. It is shown that the emergence of disciplines in the Soviet Union taking into account the human factor while building complex systems of guided weapons and their improvement was an organized process of specialists’ joint activities in a wide class of scientific and practical disciplines involved in designing and operating ergatic systems for general and military purposes. Prominent representatives of the engineering-psychological and ergonomic discourse of the Soviet engineering psychology and ergonomics of the post-war period are considered in historical and personal terms. Their contribution to the theory and practice of designing man-machine systems is considered. The article shows the existence of local scientific schools in the field of human factor problems, the schools have arisen around the authoritative leaders and scholars solving scientific, design and organizational tasks for creating a new technology. The main literature sources, which served as a scientific and educational-methodological basis for developing domestic engineering psychology and ergonomics, are highlighted. The centres of advancing academic research and applying scientific developments into practice in the field of engineering psychology and ergonomics in modern Russia are stressed.

soviet ergonomics, engineering psychology, ergatic systems, design of man-machine systems

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