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Abstract (English):
There is carried out a number of experiments with the purpose of analyzing SOTS impact upon both finishing productivity, and physical-chemical state and tribological behavior of surfaces machined, and also a possibility for creation according to the results of the investigations carried out a relatively universal micro-emulsion SOTS based on existing in the Ukraine the line of oils, PAV, corrosion inhibitors, alloying additives etc. As SOTS samples there were used both well-known compouds, for example, Camix, Nope Right (USA), and carbamide having in its structure boron, boron-phosphorus-containing additive, water-solvable phosphate, tributyl phosphate (oil-solvable), concentrate SOTS tribol, having in its structure compounds of boron, nitrogen and phosphorous; ethylic ether of fatty acids; methyl ether of colza oil; Sarkozyl-O having in its structure easily-decomposable chlorine compounds. From the results obtained it is possible to draw a conclusion that during finishing in the environment of water-compatible SOTS an important role in the formation of the properties of the surface worked is played by hydrocarbon components and additives which contribute to the formation of the thinnest surface layers modified with carbon and oxygen.

tribological properties, machining, adsorption, spectroscopy, honing, smooth finish, PAV

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