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Abstract (English):
Mathematical dependences for the rated definition of the mass error of parts and a product as a whole in correlation with tolerances for dimensions of blanks and machinery and also with parameters of roughness and waviness of their surfaces are offered. The algorithms for technological support of the accuracy required for a mass of parts and a product as a whole are developed.

mass accuracy, size, tolerance, surface, roughness, waviness
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1. Beziyazychny, V.F., Zhukov, A.A. Alloy Density in Casts. Formation Peculiarities. Statistical Assessment: monograph. – Rybinsk: Soloviyov SATU of Rybinsk, 2012. – pp. 68.

2. Beziyazychny, V.F., Vorontsova, N.S. Theoretical investigation of parts mass conditioned with dimension variations within limits of tolerance and surface roughness parameters // Reference Book. Engineering Journal. – 2017. – No.8. – pp. 38-43.

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