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Manufacturing technology impact upon quality parameters of a surface layer and ensuring machinery operation properties is considered. An impact upon operation properties not only of modes, but also a technological method of machining, even at ensuring similar parameters of the surface layer quality is emphasized. The impact of a surface strengthening depth and a structure of a supporting layer upon hard-loaded product operation is estimated. A multi-layer organization of surface layers and sublayers, the formation of heterogeneous structures, thin surface layer nano-structuring are recommended. There are shown advantages of surface deformation strengthening including the use of a deformation wave in combination with the further chemical-thermal treatment of material. The prospects of wave deformation strengthening use in additive technologies of the direct layer-by-layer synthesis of parts in science intensive products are revealed.

technology, surface layer, operation properties, material, layer-by-layer synthesis, strengthening, heterogeneous structure, plastic deformation, deformation wave
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