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A technology for manufacturing a steam turbine blade packet made of heat-resistant high-alloy hard-to-weld steel of a martensitic class is offered. The advantage of electron-beam welding use at the assembly of a blade packet instead of a common electric arc welding method in protective environment is described. A technological tooling specially designed essential for welding process automation is considered. There are shown results of laser scanning a blade packet geometry with the aid of NikonMetrology MCAx40+ coordinate measuring arm with the further computer analysis of results obtained in applied Focus software which has shown that thermal deformations are within the limits of a tolerance for the mentioned operation and exclude completely further processing. The application of electron-beam welding at manufacturing a blade packet allows increasing assembly quality, decreasing defects and cost price of an engineering process.

electron beam welding, packets of steam turbine blades, concentrated energy flows, hard-to-weld steels of martensitic class.
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