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Worm gears of different purposes and dimensions belong to those objects of mechanical engineering which are connected with science intensive design works (computations and development of design arrangements) and with their not less science intensive technological realization in the course of production. In 2016 the authors published a training manual “Theory and practice of general worm gears production” (M. Infra-Engineering, 2016. – pp. 346) where there is generalized a scientific-production experience of enterprises of mechanical engineering and machine tools manufacture for the formation of the complex of modular and functionally-oriented technologies ensuring required quality and performance characteristics of such objects. As a distinctive feature of such a complex is the interconnection of design and production processes of gear basic parts: a worm, a worm wheel with similar processes in the formation of a producing surface in a gear-cutting tool for a worm wheel.

worm gear, worm, worm wheel, hob, tooth treatment, producing tool surface.
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