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The purpose of this paper was the identification of basic problem moments connected with the processing of information obtained from a stock market and also an offer for their overcome with the aid of automated program complex. Basic principles of a subject field functioning are described, the analysis of its state is given, the moments connected directly with the acceleration of the process of engineering-economic data processing are described. On the basis of the analysis of a subject field there was drawn a conclusion on a relevance of the problem under consideration. For the work within the limits of the problems specified there was widely used a methodology for management decision-making support and a theory of data parallel processing. Besides the consideration of theoretical aspects of a program complex functioning corresponding to the parameters specified in the paper there is shown directly a process of designing an information system for investment management. A structural circuit of the complex and also a flow chart of each module used – database, a data provider and data handler is presented. The efficiency of methodological and ma-thematical principles used of the information system functioning for the engineering-economic data processing is substantiated. The paper shows the process of the development of a new information tech-nology from the definition of the problem requiring a solution up to the formation of an integral complex. In the end a conclusion is drawn on a correspondence of the methods used to those processes within the limits of which a program system should function.

information technologies, stock market, parallel computations, engineering indicators, decision making support, investments, quotations, monitoring
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