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Abstract (English):
The shown in the work investigations on a comparative analysis of emission parameters of lasers and laser systems on copper vapour (LPM and LSPM) with known technological gas and solid-state lasers have shown that LPM and LSPM with wave lengths of emission in a yellow-green spectrum range – 510.6 and 578.2 nm; pulse nano-second duration – 10…30ns; high frequencies of pulse repetition – 10…20kH and low pulse energy – 0.1…10mJ stay power pulse sources of coherent radiation and according to parameter totality are unique tools for micro-processing. On the basis of the complex of scientific-technical, technological and circuit solutions there is created a new generation with high efficiency, reliability and quality of emission, industrial welded-off active elements on copper vapour of small (1…20W) and average (30…100W) levels of power and on their basis industrial LPM and LSPM for the collection of technological equipment. High coherent emission of this class of lasers with the aid of objective lens is focused in a spot of small dimensions – 10…20µm with the peak power density 109…1012W/cm2 sufficient for the efficient micro-processing of materials.

copper vapour lasers, technological lasers, optical resonator, radiation beam quality, peak power density, precision micro-processing.
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