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A gondola with a body of solid type – an eco-nomically effective unit of a rollingstock. Most of the damages of gondola bodies is caused at handling operations with the failure of requirements observance established. In the paper the assessment of deflected mode body in the body at the lump load drop with the mass of 500 kg is carried out. Normal stresses and travels arising at the blow of load in the sections of joints of frame beams between each other, side and end walls are analyzed. The values of stresses three times higher than the foreseen ones with “Standards…” are adopted as reference valuations. It is substantiated by test results and the comparison of material characteristics at deadweight and dynamic loads. As a result of car body multichoice computations on basis of the detailed MCE there was established the following: the closer the place of a lump blow to a supporting longitudinal to the car body end is, the stresses are higher in it. Stresses arising in the supporting longitudinal situated between an end girder and a body bolster beam reach 998 H/mm, at the same time in the middle of the car body of a gondola they do not exceed 450 H⁄mm². If a load lump falls down on the joint of cross-beams and longitudinal ones, then stresses in their sections 10-15 times less, than if the fall were to a strengthening beam. In the main the maximum stress distribution is limited by small areas located between two neighboring crossbeams. The research results have shown, it is necessary that additional bearing elements absorbing a blow should be introduced in a frame.

deflected mode, yield point of material, dynamic index, gondola, solid car body, dynamic stress, load
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