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Nuclear power plants, being complex technological systems, represent a source of increased risk, in particular, a specific risk of radiation exposure. Obtaining quantitative assessments of radiation risk is critical for risk reduction and accident prevention. Existing methods for assessing radiation risk do not take into account the influence of external factors, such as population composition, geographical features, anthropogenic environmental changes, etc. The result of the risk analysis is the assessment of physical and economic indicators for the Rostov and Kalinin NPPs, taking into account the age composition of the population, as the most significant parameter. Based on a comparison of the estimates obtained with the results without taking into account the age distribution, recommendations are given on the use of adjusted estimates when developing measures to reduce risk and mitigate the consequences for the most sensitive age groups of the population (1-12 years). The objective of the work is to modify the methodological approach to the calculation of radiation risk indicators of the population, taking into account the age composition and the practical application of the formulas for assessing the physical and economic indicators of damage to real objects.

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risk, population, NPP, dose, age composition, damage, safety
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