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This paper presents an impedance-source power converter and its control method for implementing DC-AC, AC-DC, AC-AC, and DC-DC power conversion. It shows a unique impedance network to couple the converter main circuit to the power source, and also presented unique features that cannot be obtained in the traditional voltage-source and current-source converters where a capacitor and inductor are used, respectively. The Z-source converter overcomes the conceptual and theoretical barriers and limitations of the traditional voltage-source converter and current-source converter. Simulation and experimental results will be presented to demonstrate the new features.

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power converter, current-source inverter, inverter, voltage-source inverter, Z-Source inverter
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1. Yushan L. Impedance source power electronic converters / Haitham Abu‐Rub, Baoming Ge – IEEE PRESS, 2016 – 419 c.

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