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Abstract (English):
The article considers diamond-abrasive grinding of silicon carbide plates as a tribological system in order to increase the productivity and quality of this processing, as well as to substantiate the directions of its improvement. The process of removing material from the workpiece is considered as a result of abrasive wear of the silicon carbide plate on the lap with loose abrasive. Based on the hypothesis of F. Preston, a dependence was obtained for calculating the rate of removal of material removed during processing from the surface of the workpiece. The results of experimental studies of the productivity and quality of processing are presented. Attention is paid to the formation of surface layers of silicon carbide plates by introducing abrasive particles into the workpiece, causing the formation of multidirectional microcracks and the removal of material mainly as a result of brittle fracture. The results of experimental studies of the state of surface layers using a digital 3-D microscope VHX-1000E, a scanning electron microscope Jeol JSM 6610 and a profiler-profilometer "Mahr GmbH" Based on the research results, recommendations were formulated to improve the efficiency of diamond-abrasive processing of silicon carbide plates.

contact mechanics of engineering surfaces, friction and wear of interfaces, tribotechnical materials science, mechanics and control processes, kinematics, dynamics, strength and reliability of machines and structural elements

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