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Abstract (English):
The article is devoted to solving the problems of the production of thin-walled cases, where it is important to improve the accuracy of manufacturing. Based on the foregoing, it was decided to conduct research work. The technology of processing a long body from a hot-rolled thick-walled pipe using drawing is considered, which guarantees the required shape accuracy and the least effect of the properties of the initial state of the workpiece in comparison with the technology of manufacturing bodies by stamping from sheet metal. As a result of the work, it was determined that the difference in the diameter of the housing bore when basing on the pulling operation is mirrored onto the accuracy of the inner surface of the housing, and the maximum beating of the housing stem obeys the Rayleigh distribution law and fits into the tolerance with a two-fold margin. Experimental studies have shown that an increase in the accuracy of manufacturing extended bodies can be guaranteed by reducing the technological tolerance for the inner base hole of the workpiece for pulling

contact mechanics of engineering surfaces, friction and wear of interfaces, tribotechnical materials science, mechanics and control processes, kinematics, dynamics, strength and reliability of machines and structural elements

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