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Abstract (English):
Using the example of a microstrip directional coupler, the main features of the Qucs open access software package for circuitry modeling of microwave devices as part of the educational process of undergraduate and graduate students and masters in radiophysical training are shown.

transmission lines, microwave technology, CAD
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1. AWR Design Environment NI. – URL: www.awr.com (data obrascheniya: 20.09.19).

2. Keysight ADS. – URL: www.keysight.com (data obrascheniya: 20.09.19).

3. Quite universal circuit simulator. – URL: www.qucs.sourceforge.net (data obrascheniya: 20.09.19).

4. Fusko, V. SVCh cepi. Analiz i avtomatizirovannoe proektirovanie / V.Fusko; perevod s angl. A.A. Vol'fman, A.D. Muravcova; pod red. V.I. Vol'mana. – M.: Radio i svyaz', 1990. – 287 s.

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