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Abstract (English):
The paper presents a Simulink-model of the solar inverter with a description of its functional units. The input and output parameters of the system and waveforms of simulation results are given.

solar energy, photovoltaic panel, microinverter, flyback converter
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1. Malinin, G.V. Sistemy upravleniya preobrazovatelyami dlya solnechnyh moduley na baze invertorov s ShIM / G.V. Malinin, G.A. Belov // Vestnik Chuvashskogo universiteta. – 2015. – № 3. – S. 68–80.

2. AN1444: Grid-Connected Solar Microinverter Reference Design, 2012. Rezhim dostupa: www.microchip.com (data obrascheniya 18.11.2017).

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