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Abstract (English):
The existing physical and mathematical models of polymer materials are analyzed. It is found out that in all existing models, the speed factor should play a significant role. Experimental studies of velocity impact on the characteristics of polymer supporting and return devices automatic coupling shock absorbers are carried out. Experimental dynamic studies are carried out on the BSTU-BSZ slide stand, static studies on the PMM-250 press of BSTU Laboratory of Machine Dynamics and Strength. Polymer elements made of the most common materials on the rolling stock of the Russian Federation railways - Durel and Hytrel - are selected as objects of the research. In order to take into account the velocity impact only on the polymer supporting and return block, a corresponding device is developed. To exclude the influence of other operational factors on the characteristics of polymer retaining and return devices, parallel experiments are conducted on several identical objects at different times. The paper provides a detailed description of the conducted experimental studies and the results obtained in the form of graphs of power characteristics. It is found that the velocity factor significantly affects the power characteristics, there is an increase in the recall coefficient of the power characteristic up to 26%, as well as an increase in strength up to 42%.

shock absorber, element, characteristic, factor, velocity

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