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Abstract (English):
The study objective is to develop and justify the technology to repair cylindrical brushes with the replacement of traditional cassette prefabricated space plates with non–space ones and to assess the influence of the shape of pile cross-section on the effectiveness of forming the drawing prism in front of the pile. The task to which the paper is devoted is the computational justification of the technology to replace traditional sweeper brushes with modern non–space ones; determination and optimization of the parameters of the cylindrical brush pile capacity; laboratory modeling of the dependence of the removed swept stuff mass on the relative distance between piles. Research methods: computational and analytical methods for adapting mathematical dependencies of the sweeping efficiency indicators at the stage of operation of a repaired machine with replacement of brushes and optimization of machine performance indicators by increasing the volume of the swept stuff prism. The novelty of the work. The calculation method is used to justify the change in the design of a cylindrical brush when replacing worn elements of a cylindrical brush with non–space ones. The results of a laboratory study of the effect of the relative distance between the piles on the volume of the swept stuff prism are presented. Study results. Technological methods used for the repair of mounted working equipment of road machines are analyzed. It is shown that the most promising for repair with an increase and optimization of brush equipment is a set of brush discs without spacers made of polypropylene pile and base. A technological process is developed in the form of a route map for the repair of a cylindrical brush and brush discs of the working equipment of a sweeper. Conclusions: calculations justify the effectiveness of the technology to repair the working equipment of sweepers with the replacement of a traditional cassette brush with a non–space one of Beeline type. Increasing the sweeping efficiency is ensured by optimizing the pile capacity of the cylindrical brush, reducing the cost of deformation of such a pile and reducing the loss of pile friction on the surface to be swept. The effect of the relative distance between the piles on the mass of the sand formed in front of the conditionally rigid pile is experimentally found out.

: technology, repair, equipment, machine, calculation, pile capacity, volume, drawing prism

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