Structural and functional models of information processing in vertical business processes in the management system of agricultural consumer supply and market cooperatives
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Abstract (English):
The management system of agricultural consumer supply and marketing cooperatives is considered. This system is a structure containing three levels of hierarchy: the first level includes control elements; the second level contains agricultural business representatives of the middle level; the third level includes agricultural producers. The article shows that the business processes of the agricultural producer and in his interaction with customers are end-to-end. The paper describes the flows of informational and material nature from an agricultural consumer supply and marketing cooperative (an integrator farm) to a personal subsidiary plot and from a personal subsidiary plot to an agricultural consumer supply and marketing cooperative (an integrator farm). Four structural and functional models of an agricultural consumer supply and marketing cooperative are created: one which is organised on the basis of an integrator farm; one which has an associated member, that is a processing enterprise; one which includes credit or insurance agricultural consumer cooperatives; one which sells products through chain stores. The analysis of the information exchange mechanisms during the agricultural producers’ integration is carried out. Moving material and financial flows within the models are presented. It is shown that the created models are necessary for developing route maps of business processes for reporting information in business logics language.

model, business process, information processing, agricultural cooperative
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