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Abstract (English):
The purpose of the study is to search for rational engineering solutions for the main autonomous locomotive for the Eastern range of OAO Russian Railways. Research methods: methods of physical and field experiments, analytical methods for calculating the dynamics of the rolling stock. Research results and novelty: it is established that the use of a four-axle truck of a diesel locomotive TEM7 does not allow to create a locomotive that meets all the requirements of OAO Russian Railways, and the design of truck TEM7 is irrational for mainline locomotives; it is proved that the one-sided arrangement of brake blocks leads to deterioration in the locomotive braking properties. The bearing and axial towline, despite the use of an asynchronous engine, has an unsprung mass 1.5 times greater than that of the previously produced domestic analogue with a collector engine and almost the same mass of the wheel-motor unit; dynamic moments in the drive due to the lack of elastic elements during prolonged operation can reach 56% of the traction torque, which worsens the traction properties of the locomotive. Conclusion: it is advisable to carry out a design study of the drive variant with a support-frame asynchronous traction engine and an axial gearbox, as well as to conduct a technical and economic analysis and design study of a cheaper version of a diesel locomotive with sections on three two-axle bogies, maximally unified with electric locomotives, with a booster tanker module and AC-DC transmission with axial regulation of eight-pole collector motors with support-frame suspension.

locomotive underframe, bogie, traction drive, electric engine, dynamics, reliability

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