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Abstract (English):
The purpose of the work is to examine magnetic field impact upon properties of friction steel surfaces at “pin-disc” tests. The magnetic field impact upon a friction contact with the substantiation of the mechanism of its impact is proved experimentally, and also the results bringing to positive effects for friction pairs are emphasized. The analysis of experiment results has shown that a friction factor can be increased by 88% as compared with the version without magnetic field impact upon friction pair. At that under the magnetic field impact wear intensity becomes less for about half, and also friction surfaces quality becomes better as compared with the tests without a magnetic field as there are no vivid traces of plowing that is explained with the wear particles elimination from the friction area under the magnetic field impact. The investigation methods: the fulfillment of laboratory physical experiments with the use of the developed and patented laboratory plant according to the “pin-disc” scheme. The investigation results and novelty: the magnetic field impact upon a value of friction force, a factor of slip and wear intensity of friction surfaces is determined. The conclusion: it is possible to control a friction factor and wear intensity through the magnetic field impact upon a friction contact.

friction, sliding, factor, magnetic field, friction shock absorber, wear

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