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Abstract (English):
There is considered a transfer of electromagnetic emission in the systems of spherical dispersion particles with different optical characteristics. A numerical method for definition of thermal source density for two spherical particles is offered. The method is applicable both for particles with constant optical characteristics, and for particles the dielectric permittivity of which follows Kerr’s Law or depends upon even degrees of the module of an electric vector. A model of electromagnetic emission transfer in cylindrical particles having inclusions of other chemical composition is developed. The substance of the inclusion differs considerably from the material of the particle by a factor of emission absorption for the wave length under consideration in long-wavelength approximation. For the calculation of a temperature field of the spherical particle system in two-dimensional approximation there was used a finite element method. The configurations of the particle location of the system were chosen in a random way; as typical dimensions of the system there were considered longitudinal and transverse diameters of clusters, the distance between the centers of two largest particles and similar natural geometrical properties. A possibility for heat transfer control in such systems is considered. It follows from our model calculations obtained that both electromagnetic and thermal interaction of dispersion articles may be visible at larger distances between their centers; that close to the border of a dispersion particle there is a thermal surface layer of the particle, where temperature distribution bears considerably a heterogeneous character. It is defined that in a poly-dispersion system the impact of group effects can change temperature by one and a half times and more.

dispersion systems, electromagnetic emission, heat transfer, finite element method, control, nano-particles

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