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Abstract (English):
The peculiarities of structure formation in coatings deposited under conditions of controlled heat and mass transfer with the pulse change of power parameters of the mode are considered. It is shown that as a result of the pulse control of mode power parameters, in a coating there is observed of structural heterogeneity decrease on a coating section at the expense of the decrease of structural constituent dimensions in it that increases considerably of operation properties of strengthened products operated under conditions of low temperatures of the extreme North. The investigations are carried out with the use of the complex of fast processes of heat and mass transfer that ensured high productivity of the investigation process at lower cost of time and material costs. It is recommended for a wide range of experts in the field of modern physical material science, hydrodynamics, chemistry and mechanics of a deformable solid, reliability and technogenic safety, control of fast processes of the formation of permanent connections modified with pulse high-energy impact.

steel, weld deposition, electrode, parameter, coating, structure, property, wear-resistance

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