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Article is devoted to application methodology research of system approach to modernization of management process of competitiveness of the industrial enterprise. The research is important today because the methodology of control system modernization of industrial enterprise competitiveness corresponds to priority scientific directions providing efficiency increase of enterprise functioning. Scientific novelty, methods originality of the research task solution are connected with steady functioning of production and economic system which is provided by effective business planning and is implemented by means of identification of sufficient resources criterion. In case of resources shortage, the analysis of internal reserves of the enterprise and elimination of resources shortage is carried out if it isn't possible to eliminate shortage, then the issue of replacement is resolved. The main results of research, the theoretical and practical importance are that low degree of market dynamics predictability of the market and emerging situations having strategic character are vitally important for the enterprises. In these conditions the great importance is attached to the ideas and technologies of development management actively implementing into practice of enterprise management. At the same time the practical importance of such control system modernization of competitiveness has great importance and especially for providing the management of the enterprise with strategic analysis technique

system approach, modernization, steady functioning, competitiveness management, enterprise, analysis of control systems, production.
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