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The article specifies the need for reorganization of the existing control concepts towards the strategic orientation. The essence of strategic control is formalized, and the difficulties arising at the Russian enterprises fol-lowing such restructuring. The necessity to develop a complex scorecard is justified It allows, on the one hand, to transfer the strategy to operational terms, and on the other hand to provide a possibility of back coupling and complex monitoring of implementation of this strategy. The analysis of various modern concepts of strategic management is carried out, it has shown advantages of the balanced scorecard concept which allows to present the strategy of the enterprise in a system of clearly formulated goals and tasks, and also the indicators providing feedback and defining the achievement level of strategic goals in terms of following aspects: finance; marketing; internal business processes; per sonnel, training and growth. Criteria for the indicators selection characterizing each projection of the system are considered. The ob-servance of the principles testifies to systemacity of approach and interrelation of the selected indicators. The algorithm of a complex system creation for an assessment of strategic management efficiency using key components of Balanced Scorecard (BSC)-model on the basis of the financial analysis of the company is offered. The key indicators of the assessment system of strategic management efficiency are presented. They are selected according to the given algorithm. Advantages of the complex system for an assess-ment of strategic management efficiency are defined; expediency of its application at Russian enterprises is proved.

strategic management, efficiency, complex assessment, Balanced Scorecard.
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