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The purpose of this work consists in the presentation of the results in the theoretical generalization of management problems in the organization system of ‘enterprise-college’ and its abovesystem of ‘produc-tion sphere-vocational education’. In the work there is considered the purpose of a design integration in the form of a strategic partnership of ’enterprise-college’, the analysis of scientific publi-cations on the problems of management updating in different social-economic systems is carried out, the objects and subjects of management in an organization system of ‘production sphere-vocational education’ are defined, the urgency of the problem in young specialist selection for the filling of vacant seats at industrial enterprises of high technology is revealed. In the course of the investigation there were used the methods of a system analysis, comparisons, target setting and objects modeling. As a result of the investigation there is formulated a complex multievel problem of management in organization systems of ‘production sphere-vocational education’ and ‘enterprise-college’, a model of a quali-ty cycle in the organization system of ‘production sphere-vocational education’ is formed, a logical struc-ture of the multi-level problem field of management in the organization system of ‘production sphere-vocational education’ in the form of Euler-Venn dia-gram is defined.

organization system, quality, management, object, model, problem, enterprise, college
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