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The procedure and results of calculated researches of hydrodynamics parameters in cylindrical sliding bearings taking into account radial compliance of surfaces are shown. The radial compliance of bearing structural elements is taken into account on the basis of the hypothesis of Winkler’s reason. The examples of hydrodynamics computations of a particular bearing at manufacturing an antifriction layer of metal or composite material with a polymeric matrix are shown. At the same time a modulus of elasticity of an antifriction layer was being changed from 2.43 to 63 MΠa, a total rate of radial compliance was changing from 0 to 40.6•10-14m3/H. The analysis of radial compliance influence upon a minimum thickness of an oil layer and maximum pressure in it is carried out

slider bearing, hydrodynamics parameters, finite element method, radial compliance of surfaces, hypothesis of Winkler reason, polymeric antifriction layer
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