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The article is devoted to the application of a special software complex for the definition of an opti-mum set of means of urban public groundsurface conveyances. In the paper are presented the existing software solutions meant for the definition of an optimum route, their basic merits and demerits are revealed, the methods for the solution of a problem in search of an op-timum set of means of ground surface public conveyance taking into account a maximum amount of factors affecting a motion speed are offered. The authors have presented a structure of an automated system for a choice of an optimum structure in ground surface public conveyances and also there are shown fragments of a corresponding program code and database queries. In the paper particular attention is paid to the working modes of an appendix presented, in particular, for the situation in the absence of customer’s device connection to the basic computer system.

automation, navigation, decision-making, public conveyances, app to smartphone
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