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The use of the wide spectrum of information technologies in corporate information systems allows offering the iteration method for a distributed formation of simulation models. In accordance with this method at each stage of designing the commercial software tools with certain functionality are used. The considered technological process (TP) of simulation model formation (software toll creation) is a controlled system being at one of the states variable at each stage of a technological process as a result of a control action (control). At the same time the efficiency of a control process is characterized by a multidimensional purposeful function (PF) subject to a system state and control used. In the investigation presented the problem of multicriterion control of a technological process of simulation model formation in accordance with Bellman’s principle of optimality. The justification of an optimum solution is shown for the unidimensional or twodimensional characteristics of a flow on arches of an oriented acyclic graph of a technological process. The presented example of the solution of the optimization problem with the use of resources of f – and p- type in a corporate information system shows the necessity of priority criterion definition for the final choice of a route on a graph with technological modes, that is, an optimum variant of resource distribution.

simulation model, multicriterion control, Bellman’s principle of optimality, technological process, corporate information system
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