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For the analysis of material property changes depending on external factors in materials science there is used a method of the micro-structure analysis of material obtained with the aid of a special optic or electronic microscope. Recently the increasing distribution and application have obtained program-hardware complexes for the automation of metallographic researches which allow speeding up considerably this process. The basis for the development of such complexes is a technology of technical (computer) vision – the theory for the creation of models and algorithms which can carry out the detection and classification of objects and also the processing all research data. For the efficient change of FOP parameters, and also to ensure a convergence (repetition) of test results it is necessary to ensure the authenticity of research data processing. It is achieved by means of the application of a specially developed software module for the definition of percentage composition in nitridetitanium and other wearresisting coatings according to Photomath photographs. As input data for the software module there are used coating microstructure photos obtained with the aid of PMT-3M hardness meter. In the module mentioned all essential transformations for the further com-putation of a percentage composition with the obtaining of a result for a user and also saving in a database are carried out.

software module, image binarization, image threshold processing , wear-resisting(anti-wear) coatings, percentage composition
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