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At emergency brake application before collision a car clearance decreases considerably, a car front side comes lower and actually does not participate in blow energy absorption. A car “dives under” a lorry and al-most all blow energy falls to the roof and windshield posts which do not figure on the perception of such a load that often results in fatal consequences. To reduce weight of consequences after such a collision there was developed a design for a passive car safety. The device consists of a ring pneumatic cylinder which is situated round a front shock strut next the upper bearing of a shock absorber and connected with a squib. It is intended for lifting and car body fixation along the height before a collision with a lorry. There are two such devices installed in a motor car, with one for each front wheel. It is not difficult to make this device there is no need in essential changes in the car design. It can be installed in any car with front posts of the type «macferson». The offered device is integrated in the general system of a car passive safety and at unavoidable head collision with a lorry is activated by means of a squib explosion. Key words: life-saving device, car, head-on collision, lorry.

life-saving device, car, head-on collision, lorry.
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